Photo-artist who has a lot of brooches

I, Yana Temirgoyevskaya, have a passion for photo-floristics: I create and sell amusing photo-pictures composed of natural materials.

Also I do a variety of useful everyday things decorated with photo-prints of my artworks.

My artworks are created in a genre of naive art.

I study symbolics of "timeless" themes and images in art and use it in my artworks.

Artist with her artworks

I publish master-classes - how to make photo-pictures of leafs and plants your own hands and place them on souvenir products.

Two cups with photo-print made of natural materials. Two swans of white poplar autumn leaves. Fridge magnets with prints - stories made of plants.

I love handmade. I believe that handiwork is the best entertainment, recreation and consolation. Especially outdoors.

I collect and publish on this site ideas of handmade articles, surprises and gifts with meaning, that can be made easily and fast with ones own hands.

I make brooches of beads, knit with crochet and wear all myself with pleasure. I publish master-classes for manufacturing brooches with hints.

Handmade brooch with pendants made of threads and beads with seascape. Brooch made of fiber with print, with lace, crochet trim and pendants from beads. Handmade brooch having Yin - yang shape made of yellow breads that resembles stone.

I participate in exhibitions, do public speaking at events and meetings - entertain and inspire people with stories of my creative work experience.

Artist is showing brooch made of breads and telling a story about it. Artists at art exhibition near her woks. Artist does public speaking in front of library visitors. Artist and stand with here knitted brooches. Author is showing her photo-picture in a wooden frame. Photo-artist is telling how she makes her photo-pictures.

I admire the professionals who create complex and unique crafts!

I learn photography. Training in a genre of street photography.

I enjoy to write articles on different topics, especially about my pets. I illustrate articles with my own drawings and photos.

This way I combined all my passions on this site!)

My main creative passion - artwork with hit and meaning. Kind, ironic, philosophic.

It is possible that such things attract desired pleasant events in ones life. But the definitely entertain and put one in a good mood!

I believe that any thing, made by a person, being either a great painting or a simple bedside rug, hint something to the world :-) I like to figure out what exactly?

Little dog with a brooch.

By education I am - a teacher. I changed my occupation multiple times - worked as a teacher at school, administrator in big organization, reporter, journalist, editor, narrator, housewife. I was trying to master multilevel marketing and to write a bestseller. Now I'm doing blogging and crate handmade artworks.

I live in Ukraine.

It was nice to meet you!) And this is my dog Nik.

I will be very glad if you will find interesting and useful information on my Art-hint site.

You are welcome to come, see, make and comment! Feel free to subscribe for new through my social accounts:

Yana Temirgoyevskaya