Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves.
Lewis Carroll.

A gift with meaning: it is interesting to make with their own hands, fun to buy, pleasure to give.

If you've decided to make a gift with your own hands, a gift that is meaningful, than you are on the right web-site: "Art-hint"! In a collection of this site you can find practical handmade wares, that mean something or hint on something...;) Only this kind and no other.

Handmade coffee table with a leg made of books. Tactile handmade brooches — statuses with picture. Picture of cucumbers, stones and plants — birds on a nest.

Handmade brooch of brown - yellow beads. Silver ring in the form of old castle. Blue knitted booties in the form of cars.

Majority of them one can make easy and fast with their own hands following instructions.

I'm sure, such creative gifts will be most surprising and memorable! Because such a gift is unique and addressed to a specific person!

Something can be ordered and bought, in addition to handmade surprise. For example different useful things with amusing symbolic prints - cups, T-shirts, bags.

Cups with ingenious prints - plot of natural material.

Or you can just look through everything, get inspired and create something unique on your own!

So, do you want to:

  • surprise and please a loved one, friend, colleague and yourself: make a gift with your hands?
  • have fun: creatively hint around people on your mood, intention or attitude to events?
  • just entertain yourself, see what other creative people do?

Come in than!:-)

Would you like proceed strait to the point, make original gifts with your own hands? Go to "Master-classes", simple and doable for everybody, who has basic skills in handmade.

In «This is interesting!» section - entertaining information about meaningful gifts of all time. There is also answers to questions about making and giving gifts made with your own hands. Event those that you haven't asked yourself.

Also stories about masters and artists, who do amazing things, each of them "is a symbol of some other thing" (Anne Rice).

Read articles, see photos and discuss artworks of the author of this site, Yana Temirgoyevskaya, in "Blog".

So everyone:

  • who likes express thoughts not just directly but also symbolically,
  • who respects the parables, symbols and naive art,
  • who loves to give and get gifts maid of their own hands,
  • buy creative things,
  • do handmade with own children,
  • or just watch how other people work - WELCOME!)

Let's get acquainted! "About Author"

Yana Temirgoyevskaya

P. S. It is not necessary that everywhere there was a sense: funny - well, okay. (Paul McCartney)